Ecstatic worship

Here is Justin Paul Abraham sharing some very powerful things that God has shown him regarding Ecstatic Worship, and an ‘oracle spirit’ that is coming in worship…. I believe this with all my heart and have had similar visions over the years.  We are ready for the many voices!

Above the Clouds

Janine shares in Germany about our Union and Oneness in Christ Jesus. From the Song of Songs 1 where Shulamite is with her beloved, and she decides to pursue Him (THE KING)  in a deeper way. 



- Justin Paul Abraham

Recorded at our first Love Fest Justin Paul Abraham shares a powerful message - It's a rallying call to all Worshipers, a plum line message. Justin shares about an encounter where he heard that many voices are being released in this decade. These voices will sing songs of Joy and Hope; transgenerational voices that steward the mysterious, bringing the future into the present with the vibration of the Throne on them. Enjoy!


Tiffany Bulher


At Lovefest we were honoured to have Tiffany Buhler speak. At the time of this recording Tiffany was the Director of David’s Tent in the UK; an annual event gathering thousands of worshippers. Tiffany is a true pioneer and a challenging voice within the worship movement. In this episode Tiffany shares on the restoration of the tabernacle of David’s Tent, worshipping in truth, answering the question of ‘why gather together to worship non stop?’. ‘The simplicity of His government is being established as we worship’ - she shares a powerful dream that the Father has given her. She believes God can change a nation in a DAY! At the end of this sweet message there is a glory breakout!

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