Janine has a passion for us all to connect with the love of the Devine, encounter the transcendent power of the Trinity and the beauty of the 'All in All', there is no where we go from His wondrous presence (Psalm 91)


A prophetic singer and songwriter, she also heads up worship at Company of Burning Hearts and leads Janine John & friends. She spent nearly six months in the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas USA on the night shift worship team learning to flow in Spirit-led songs.

Inspired by her time at (IHOP), Janine loves encouraging and mentoring others to flow and release their own sound adding to frequency of LIFE - sound waves crashing the globe with continual Worship, Prayer, Love, Light &  Hope.


Music has become a passion, writing inspirational songs that capture amazing moments of revelation and encounter.  The studio album 'RELOCATE'  features songs that came from spontaneous worship times that have been crafted to create a record of these beautiful moments. 

The latest release,  'ENRAPTURED' 

 is a vibrant eclectic mix of songs, including the addictive retro-pop title song ‘Enraptured', interwoven by the melodic sweetness of ‘Become', ‘Union' and 'All in All’, and the raw ecstatic ascending wildness of ‘Whirlwind'. This album is a feast for the senses and the soul, calling humanity deeper into oneness, love and bliss. 


Enraptured - meaning ’to give intense pleasure to’, a state of spiritual rapture, the bliss of being caught up into the sweetness of Love, the ecstatic nature of being ONE with the Divine, the Creator, the Source all of life.  

And is currently working on a further Studio Album 'DAZZLING'


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