Welcome to HOP with Janine John Band, Justin Paul, Rachel Abraham, Ruth Williams and friends. A family of Burning Hearts who feast on the treasures of Heaven! (Col 3:2)

UPDATE - no gatherings in MARCH and possibly APRIL due to government Coronavirus advice. Keep watching for updates! Shalom!

HOP (worship and prayer) is every second WEDNESDAY 7:30pm  

TRIBE (worship and mentoring night) on every other SATURDAY 7:30pm

It's a space to engage heavenly places, encounter and ascend, pray and belong. Get connected to other Cloud Riders! For more info email us at - companyofburninghearts@googlemail.com

LOCATION: Unit 13 Flex Space, Western Industrial Estate, Caerphilly CF83 1BE

Psalm 27 v 4 

‘Here’s the one thing I crave from God, the one thing I seek above all else: I want the privilege of living with Him, every moment in His House, finding the sweet loveliness of His face, filled with awe, delighting in His glory and grace. I want to live so close of Him that he takes delight in my every prayer. 

House of Prayer Nights (COBH HOP) are where we gather together engage the heart of YHVH (The Hebrew Tetragrammaton representing the name of God.), camp around His Presence, experience the reality of our Father and His Kingdom. Each one is unique. We enjoy the union of Salvation Bliss together from 7:30pm until late Worshipping and praying together. 

Ascension Worship Lead by Janine John Band & friends, hosted by & Justin & Rachel Abraham @ COBH Prayer House 7pm for Coffee and mingling!!


Justin & Rachel Abraham are inspirational, heading up Company Of Burning Hearts an international ministry realising the Bliss of Gospel all over the Globe.


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